How to use our whole black truffle preserved

How to use our whole black truffle preserved

About the product

At Laumont we select only the best whole pieces of seasonal black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), and we heat sterilize it in the same jar, to present it ready to use. A product made to give a gourmet touch to many easy dishes that we can prepare at home, to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Whole Black Truffle Preserved

Recommendations about the whole black truffle preserved

We recommend grating it or slicing it on top of those dishes where we want to enhance the aroma and flavour, and give a much more special final touch. The whole preserved black truffle combines very well in both hot and cold dishes, and can even be used in many sweet dishes.

How to use our whole black truffle

We recommend slicing it with a slicer that many truffle lovers probably already have at home, or we can also grate it with the utensils that we usually have in the kitchen.

With the whole black truffle we can give a touch to many dishes, and it will go very well with pasta, eggs, rice and white and red meats.

Below are several examples of how to use the whole black truffle in some everyday dishes, and how, thanks to this great product, we can obtain top-notch recipes:

Easy recipes with our whole black truffle preserved

Eggs cooked with black truffle

For this recipe, once we take the eggs out of the oven, slice the black truffle on top and serve.

Whole Black Truffle Preserved

Toast with Iberian ham and black truffle

Once we have covered the toast with the Iberian ham, we slice the black truffle on top and it is ready to eat.

Whole Black Truffle Preserved

Open omelette with prawns, bacon, wild mushrooms and black truffles

In this case, when we have the open omelette cooked with the prawns, the bacon and the wild mushrooms, we only need to grate the preserved black truffle on top.

Whole Black Truffle Preserved
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