Chef Berasategui joins Laumont

Chef Berasategui joins Laumont

Martín Berasategui touches the sky with his hands thanks to the 12 stars that the Michelin guide has given him throughout his professional career. Chef Berasategui joins Laumont as a gastronomic advisor.

The chef has broken all the Red Guide records with the recent addition to the winners of the Ola de Bilbao and the Fifty Seconds of Lisbon, which has made him the most successful Spanish chef for the french publication and the only one with two 3 Stars restaurants.

The new distinctions are added to the ten that the Chef already had: three at its main headquarters in the Gipuzkoan municipality of Lasarte, another three in the Lasarte of Barcelona, ​​two in Abama (Tenerife), one in the Eme Be Garrote restaurant (San Sebastián ) and one more in the Oria (Barcelona).

This international prestige is what attracted the company Laumont, leader of truffle sales, to sign him as a gastronomic advisor, since only a galactic Chef can support a project starring the black truffle, the diamond of gastronomy.

Martín Berasategui and Laumont share a passion for a job well done and a commitment to excellence. It is these qualities that prompted the chef to join the team of a company that has more than 40 years selecting and cleaning the best truffles by hand to satisfy its customers.

The black truffle - whose scientific name is Tuber Melanosporum - is one of the varieties of fungi most valued by haute cuisine. Its powerful aroma and intense flavor make this product an excellent delicacy coveted by the most select palates.

Also known as black truffle from the Périgord, it is harvested from November to March in oak forests located between 500 and 1,000 meters high. This product does not accept any type of cooking, so it is basically used to decorate and give a characteristic flavor to pasta dishes, salads, etc.

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