The Summer Truffle

The Summer Truffle

¿What is the summer truffle?

The summer truffle (or Tuber Aestivum) is a less known and popular than the winter truffle (also known as the black truffle or Tuber Melanosporum). It grows along the roots of Mediterranean forests between 200 and 1,000 metres above sea level, without requiring soils as demanding as the winter truffle in terms of humidity and soil composition.

Differences between summer and winter truffles

Dark on the outside and with a pronounced pyramidal rind, its main difference in terms of image with respect to the black truffle is found on the inside, which is cream-coloured with hazelnut tones.

The summer truffle is harvested between the months of May and September, although the most appreciated mushrooms are those found during the months of July and August, which is when it has reached its optimum ripening point and releases all its peculiarities. Even so, from the end of June onwards, it is possible to enjoy truffles of authentic quality. We must remember that, as its name indicates, the winter truffle can be found fresh, normally between November and March.

A good truffle farmer can always tell the difference between the two types of truffle at a glance. On the outside, the skin of the summer truffle is pyramid-shaped compared to the black truffle, which is more rounded.

The summer truffle is an exceptional gourmet product and more affordable than the black truffle. This is because it is easier to cultivate and produce than the black truffle. It is clearly an exclusive and high-level product, although if we compare it with the two "queen" truffles (the black truffle and the white truffle), it would be a step below in terms of exclusivity and properties.

Properties of the summer truffle

The summer truffle has a less intense flavour than the winter truffle. It may seem interesting to use the summer truffle when we do not want the aroma of the truffle to be the protagonist of our dishes, but rather an excellent secondary food, a unique and incomparable accompaniment.

Summer truffle in the kitchen

The summer truffle offers a wide range of culinary possibilities.  It is the perfect match for meat, fish and pasta dishes, as well as seasonal products and salads. In short, its use is very similar to that of the black truffle, with a less explosive result. It can also be served with a fried egg, to give it a special touch when cooking rice dishes or even in everyday dishes such as chickpeas.

Preserving summer truffle

As with the Perigord truffle (black truffle) or the white Alba truffle, the Tuber Aestivum should be wrapped in cling film so that it does not lose its aroma. Its shelf life is longer and it can be kept in good condition for more than a month.

Remember that, in a normal season, you can buy fresh Summer Truffle at Laumont from May to September.

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