How to use our black truffle peelings

How to use our black truffle peelings

About the product

The black truffle peeling is the Tuber melanosporum truffle, one of the most prestigious products in kitchens all over the world, which we laminate and cook in preserves without any type of preservative, only with its juice and a little salt. This way we get a product ready to use, and that will allow to obtain great dishes that will satisfy the most sybarite palates.

Black truffle peelings

Recommendations about black truffle peelings

We recommend its use to give a final touch and to flavour dishes by simply adding a few slices of authentic black truffle. The juice that accompanies the product can also be used, as with just a few drops we can season our dishes and enhance the flavour of the truffle.

In addition, the black truffle peeling is an excellent product to use in those more elaborate dishes in which we prepare a stuffing, since with a sheet of black truffle inside we will get a surprising and very exquisite dish with truffle as the protagonist.

How to use our black truffle peeling

Its use is very simple and practical as this product comes already sliced and with just a spoon or tweezers, we choose the sheets and we can apply them in our recipes.

With the whole black truffle peeling we can give a touch to an endless number of dishes, and it will go very well with vegetables, pasta, eggs, rice and white and red meats.

Below are several recipes to see the use we can make of the black truffle peeling.

Easy recipes with our black truffle peelings

Cream of pumpkin soup with black truffle

Once we have prepared the pumpkin cream and it is hot, we add the black truffle peeling and the rest of the ingredients with which we will accompany it.

Black truffle peelings

Truffled meatballs

When we prepare the meat to make the meatballs, inside each meatball we add a slice of truffle peel.

Black truffle peelings

Sautéed vegetables with black truffles

Once the vegetables are sautéed and on the plate, add the black truffle.

Black truffle peelings
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